RAP Ambassadors

In a world where people choose to ignore the pain and suffering around them instead of recognizing it and becoming an advocate for change, an Ambassador is a light shining in the darkness.

An Ambassador is not a person with a small heart who chooses to be deaf to the cries of those in need. An Ambassador is a person with a ministering heart, overflowing with joy to be shared not only with those who need it, but with everyone he or she meets.  

  • A RAP Ambassador knows the pilgrimage upon which a Parkinson’s person embarks. The Ambassador instinctively knows when you are discouraged and he or she walks with you as a friend.
  • A RAP Ambassador encourages people at every turn, never letting discouragement take hold. The Ambassador is an optimist, never complaining and always seeing the silver lining.
  • A RAP Ambassador understands that Parkinson’s Disease presents itself in many different ways. The Ambassador takes the time to know these and shows understanding, rather than seeking to be understood. 
  • A RAP Ambassador is persistent. He or she is a person who never gives up trying to help the person with Parkinson’s improve, but knows that change happens by inches, not miles.
  • A RAP Ambassador demonstrates unwavering patience with every task or interaction. He or she meets the Parkinson’s person where that person is, not where the Ambassador thinks the person should be.
  • A RAP Ambassador is a conversationalist who demonstrates a true interest in others. An Ambassador is selfless, not selfish – it is not about the Ambassador, it is about the people living with Parkinson’s. 
  • A RAP Ambassador knows that to have a friend, one must be a friend. The knowledge that a friendship is built on trust is foremost in the Ambassador’s mind. He or she knows friendship requires time, attention, honesty and forgiveness, as well as space and understanding from both parties. The Ambassador seeks to build the friendship by taking the first step in welcoming newcomers into the RAP family. 
  • A RAP Ambassador exhibits these values like a cozy cloak around the shoulders, making you yearn to be just a small part of the warmth of the organization.
  • A RAP Ambassador is kind and gentle in thought, word and deed. He or she genuinely cares about people with Parkinson’s and their families. 

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RAP AmBassador



A RAP Ambassador can break through the apathy or potential apathy of people with Parkinson’s by having a ministering heart. Ambassadors are aware of the people around them and are empathetic to the difficult road they travel.



RAP Ambassadors look for the positive in every situation and encourage others every step of the way.



A RAP ambassador meets people where they are. It may take months to bring them into the family, or they may choose not to come at all. Whatever the progress, it requires patience and understanding.



RAP Ambassadors are kind-hearted. They are not selfish or haughty. They are good listeners and are good friends.





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