MISSION:  To be a resource for excellence, exercise, wellness and camaraderie for people living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), including care partners, families and friends.

What We Do

RAP supports the Rock Steady Boxing program at Forest Hill Health + Fitness with both funding and outreach, to keep the program free for participants.  In addition, we support virtual boxing classes online for our fighters who can’t make it to the gym. We provide resources to the community about living with Parkinson’s. Our community outreach includes quarterly newsletters and monthly updates of educational information about PD and PD-related events. Our efforts are designed to educate the general public and offer a holistic view of overall wellness and quality of life for patients and caregivers. RAP members include men and women living with Parkinson’s, their care partners, families and friends. We are a non-paid, all-volunteer organization and there’s plenty of work to be done!  Click here to learn more.

Where Are the Opportunities?

RAP has teamed with Forest Hill Health + Fitness, where a successful program has grown. The emphasis on exercise opens the door to many opportunities for people with Parkinson’s. If you want to get involved, click here.

When Can You Start?

Rock Steady Boxing classes are held several times a week at Forest Hill Health + Fitness. Call 410-893-4153 to check days and times. For care partners and family members, RAP is always looking for volunteers to help throughout the year, but especially with big events. Click here to learn more. Come join us in the Rally Against Parkinson’s.

“Volunteering is a piece of a puzzle in someone’s else’s life. Where does your puzzle piece fit?” 

Your piece of the puzzle might fit in a number of places, but you need to search for the picture puzzle that also completes you. Contact us to learn how a RAP volunteer can impact others by being an important piece of our puzzle.

Success Stories!

“I have been involved with the Rock Steady Boxing Program at Forest Hill Health + Fitness since Jan 2019. The classes are well planned with an emphasis on balance, hand/eye coordination, cardio and cognitive health. Our coaches keep the classes fresh and fun with great music. The results have been fantastic and I feel stronger, more confident and the progression of my Parkinson’s has been slow. I have made wonderful friendships and we are truly a family that supports one another. Rock Steady Boxing has made a positive difference in my life. My husband, Richard, even goes to the gym with me and works out while I am in class.” 

Teresa B., RSB Particpant

“Teresa’s overall improvement is apparent and her doctor is impressed with the results of the Rock Steady Boxing. It also gives me the opportunity to get out of the house and exercise on a regular basis. We are thankful for Forest Hill Health + Fitness and the RSB program!”

Richard, RSB Care Partner

“After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I was fortunate to find Forest Hill Health and Fitness and the RSB program. This program and others being offered have connected me with folks facing the same challenges that I am dealing with. Regular workouts have improved my overall health, and have made me aware of how I can best fight back to help control my situation rather than have it control me. Dennis, Joyce and all of the instructors are excellent. They along with other members are like an extension of family. They understand the challenges we face and are very supportive.”

Gary, RSB Participant





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